Crop Tee's

Aug 30, 2012

"Hanging Shirt '' which was popular in the 90s at once with the appearance of the movie Clueless and Beverly Hills 90210 is now back again!

This stuff's brilliant for casual events and could make your legs look more level. Follow the strategy to use crop tee below!

  • Hanging Shirt on the waist are made to be used outside of bottoms. Do not try to put it into his bottoms, right?!
  • For you who have a slim belly, show off your belly by wearing hipster jeans. Adding a loose cardigan can also be opened layering a cool alternative.
  • Silhouette mini is most convenient partner for this shirt. Try it, wear knee socks and cool shoes for more quickly look.
  • Using another colored tank top tee behind the crop could be a solution for you who avoid stomach look.
  • High-waist skinny jeans dark colored would make the hips up to your feet more level.
  • Use a tight bodycon dress under your crop tee! Play of colors and patterns also make you look more fun! 

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