Welcome back, Denim Jacket!

Aug 28, 2011

With a slightly faded style, denim jacket back with a lot combined with some other outfit. And looks very georgeos when wear the jacket.
Let's look at some celebrities with a blend of their styles are trendy after wearing a denim jacket.

Emma Roberts
Emma looked absolutely gorgeous in a white summer dress teamed with a denim jacket and brown high-heeled sandals.

Kristen Stewart
Denim jackets are this summer’s hottest fashion craze. Kristen Stewart rocked one.

Frankie Sandford
Teamed a denim jacket with a simple dress and biker boots.

Jordana Brewster
The great dress and denim jackets at the moment.

Whitney Port
Rocked out with denim jacket a black romper, converse sneakers, and a white headband. Her casual look was a seamless day to night ensemble.


Orange Blush Is Hot Now

Aug 23, 2011

Orange is HOT for spring/summer beauty—new textures and shades keep the look from turning Miami circa 1985.

Beautylish Tip: To avoid clown cheeks, blend your orange-toned blush higher on the cheekbones instead of across the apples.


Selena Gomez

Rachel Bilson


Black Lace Tights

They can look very nice in the right context. Fine for casual to semi-formal occasions; not good for formal wear. Also make sure the rest of your outfit is mostly solid colors or it will look way too busy.
As long as you wear something over them like a dress,skirt or shorts i like them
I think it adds an edgy appearance to your wardrobe.

Here is Peaches Geldof snapped leaving the Mayfair Hotel wearing a pair of blue lace tights in London. She has kept things classy and opted for statement lace tights with a smart black dress.

The gorgeous and stunning Megan Fox has opted for a sporty look by wearing black lace tights with a grey sweat shirt and knee high boots.

The bold and daring Jodie Marsh chose to wear lace tights as leggings with a short Tee.

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen and Taylor Swift had donned the lace tights with their respective LBDs.

Fashion Tips

Aug 4, 2011

Natalia Vodianova

Russian supermodel and a famous philanthropist have a great body and the lovely latex leggings are make her sexier. And also loose legging is so hot right now. Try it. 

Emily Browning 

Not comfy with low chest dress? just wear a lace top inside. Look Emily Browning, she posed for pictures in a floral printed knee-length dress. 

Jena Malone

Add a blazer to your oversized blouse for an effortless cool at formal event. 

Kristen Stewart

Do you like Kristen's look? of course, must have item that matches with everything: Sneakers!

Jamie Chung 

Blouse inside your dress, Why not?

Kelly Ripa

A plain wearing a black-and-white striped skirt,
and navy scoop tank is the perfect pairing. 

Shenae Gimes

You can still look on-trend in ripped jeans by adding cardigan and clogs.

Elizabeth Mathis

A plain tank and a geometrical skirt.
As long it's colorful, it's acceptable for an evening party. 

Body Odor

Aug 2, 2011

Most of the sweat evaporates into the air without much trouble, but some do notsweatwhen we are caught, an example in the armpitsthe bacteria will quickly grow and smellare reproduced badanlah.
There are several ways to help us fight body odor:

1. Choose your clothes carefully
tight clothing and synthetic type causes more sweat than usual clothing. so whenever possible and wear loose-fitting clothes which are made of cotton so your body canbreathe.

2. Use deodorants and antiperspirants
anti-per spirants contain aluminum salts which can reduce transpiration by closing the channel sweat. deodorants, on the other hand contain antiseptic against bacteria. deodorants help reduce the smell but did not reduce transpiration happened.

3. Maintain cleanliness
bathing regularly is important in fighting body odor.

4. Avoid hot drinks
hot drinks can increase body heat and increase perspiration. so if you are worried about your body odor, it's good to get used to drinking cold water.

5. Use perfume
perfume may not be able to directly address the body sweat, but they will help when theodor is a concern.

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