Celebrities Outfits at Coachella

Jul 31, 2011

It's a small farming community located just west of Indio. The Valley the festival in is known as the Coachella valley. The name is derived from the spanish word for "Seashell".
Coachella FESTIVAL is the best festival in the world.
Let's see celebrities outfit at coachella!















Let's get inspiration of them!

Frankie Sandford's Style

To recreate Frankie’s look, start out with a summery striped dress in a lightweight fabric – this particular dress has a color palette that incorporates the brown colors of the jacket and accessories. A suedette motorcycle jacket is a chic, unexpected choice to wear over such a casual dress, but as Frankie shows us, it creates a fun and fashionable look. Show off your waist and break up the stripes by wearing a thin brown belt. Finally, open-toed brown booties or sandals match the vibe of the outfit, as does a structured pebbled bag in a classic shape.

Take a leaf out of Frankie's style book and team your oversized shirt with denim jacketskinny jeans and flat boots for day and wet-look leggings and heels for night.

She looks so casual and simple as well as beautiful with her outfit, Scoop Neck Tank Top, long sleeve cardigan, blue skinny jeans, fedora hat, boots and tote bag.

This white military style blazer, such a classic and simple but totally elegant look.

She looks so gorgeous with blue check shirt and high shine leggings.

Frankie is celebrity short haircuts of the moment. Frankie Sandford's asymmetric crop features long layers on top that keeps the look really feminine and versatile. And it's really pretty cool.

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Treat Your Hair Well

For ladies, hair is one of the biggest assets. As the crown of a woman, hair is animportant part of the interface. The hair is beautiful and well maintained will certainlyadd to one's attractiveness. That is why hair needs special attention. One in hair care,will result in a dull and damaged hair.
Activities that you live everyday to determine how often should you wash your hair.
There is no set standard of how many days should wash your hair. However, if more of your activities are outdoors, wash your hair every day. - Avoid scratching your scalp when washing hair. In addition to the scalp will make the hurt, it also makes a natural moisturizer contained in the scalp is reduced. Apply light massage on the scalp. - To cope with very dry hair, use conditioner after every shampooMake sure you've rinsed the shampoo while remaining rub in hair. - If the condition of the hair is damaged, let your hair dry naturally. Wrap hair with a towel that is thick and soft. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel, because it will cause the hair getting tangled. - But, if you're pressed for time use help the hair dryer (hair dryer) at medium temperature, in humid conditions hair. Try to use the hair dryer in the safest distance, ie 3-4 cm from the hair.- Movement hair dyer from top to bottom of hair. This will make the hair cuticle closed the meeting. Thus the hair looks more straight and neat. - Avoid too strong pulling hair with a comb while wearing a hair dyer, because it causes the hair brittle and fall out. - Use the help comb the hair with a cross-section round metal. This will make the hair dry faster. Adjust the size of a model comb your hair. In an instant shiny hair is already damaged took a long time to come back glowing. But there are tricks to make the hair look more shiny in a relatively quick. - For very dry hair use a hair mask (hair mask) at least once a week. Apply mask evenly, leave for a few minutes. This treatment will make the hair feel softer and radiant. - Or, apply plain yogurt on your hair once or twice a month. Apply now wet hair, leave for 5 minutes to produce a more lustrous hair. - To get the effect on the straight and shiny hair that is faded or dull color, just use hair rollers and hair clamp for 10-15 minutes. After that shine spray hair (polishing hair) evenly.

Makeup Change the Face Shape

Jul 30, 2011

The beauty of makeup is makeup can change your face shape.
Make up can not make a fat face became thin but can make it look thinner.
The correct application of the face and complexion lightening can deliver stunning results.
To help youwe will provide some guidance in using makeup to alter 
your face shape.

Long face: use a dark foundation on the forehead and chin by combining it withlightening your face on the other faces.

A round face: use makeup that is opposite from the previous guidelines (face length).

Ears: the ears lengthen and shorten a bright complexion large ears with a black-to-medium complexion.

Fresh Face

There are many ways to health care our skin, one of them are routine use of masks and scrub on our face. One way to restore the freshness of the face is re-fasten it by using a mask of the fruitLet's try the recipe of face masks and scrub that can be made by our own. 


This brightly colored fruits contain lots salisiat acid (a type of beta-hydroxy acid that helps skin tighten), silica, and vitamins B, C, E and K. With its ability tonourish and rejuvenate the skin. These masks are suitable for almost all skin types.Can be used 2x a week.

How to Make and Use:
 Mash a few strawberries that have been separated from the stalk and leaves
 Rub 2 tablespoons of crushed strawberries were on the face and leave for 15minutes
 After that, rinse with sterile water or plain warm water
 To get a toning effect is stronger, add a little egg white, beaten, one tablespoon rose water and few drops of essential oils are safe to the skin.


Avocados are rich in amino acids and vitamins, making it suitable to be used as a mask preventing premature aging of the skin.

How to Make and Use:
- For Dry Skin
 Mashed ripe avocado flesh with a fork
 Apply on face, leave for 30 minutes
 Rinse with warm water or rose water using a cotton.
- For Normal Skin
 Add the beaten egg whites for a while
 For the skin moist, it should be also added honey (organic if available), then mix wellwith avocados hancurandaging and whipped egg whites.


Can smooth the rough skin because it contains many minerals, vitamins A and B, andoleic acid. Almonds can be made into a mask or lotion. Can be used 1x a week.

How to Make and Use:
 Destroy about 50 grams of peeled almonds with a mortar or food processor
 Whisk 3 tablespoons of full-fat milk until it forms a smooth paste (no need for too long)
 If necessaryadd 1 or 2 drops of rose otto essential oil
 Apply on face and leave to dry
 Then clean with cotton and warm water


Contain protein, phosphorous, iron, sulfur, vitamins A, B1, and C.

How to Make and Use:
- To smooth the face
 Take the cooked tomatoes, slices and rub on face
 Or, it could be squeezed tomato fruit, juice and water is applied daily to the 

- For protection from the sun
 Take the leaves of tomato taste
 Then knead with a little water
 Then paste it on your face as a conditioning face.


Rich in trace minerals, calcium, magnesiaum, potassum, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6,C and flavonoid compounds. Almost all kinds of different-colored grapes, it can use tolotion. Please note that grape juice has been made, should be filtered first. Lotionsmay digunkan wine every day because both are used for almost all skin types.

How to Make and Use:
 Mash some grapes to yield 2 tablespoons juice.
 Strain the juice
 Apply on face by using cotton
 After 20 minutes, rinse with rosewater.


Contains vitamins ACB1B2and B3Very good for oily skinbut the lotion alsoworks effectively on a normal skinCan be used every day.

How to Make and Use:
(For one week of usage)
 Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the whipped egg whites
 Apply on face and leave 10 minutes
 After that wash with rose water or warm water
How to Make Lemon Lotion:
 Add one teaspoon of lemon juice in 100 ml of rose water and 50ml witchazel
 Apply to the face with a clean cotton.


Contains serotinin, pectin, tannins, noradrenaline, 5 hidroksitritamin, dopamine andvarious vitamins, such as vitamins A, B complex and C. Used as a facial moisturizer.

How to Make & Use:
 Take a ripe banana and then destroy
 Add the olive oil
 Use and regularly repeat these ingredients as a powder.

Dr. Martens

Jul 29, 2011

The origin of Doc Martens boots or Doc Mart that we already know is from a veteranwho suffered leg injuries in 1945 named Dr.Klaus Martens. In his garage in Munich,Germany, He designed his military boots to make it more comfortable for everyday wear. His leg injuries because they are of course his military boots in less control.

To design his boot, Dr. Klaus helped by Griggs family from Northampton, England, whowas already famous for making good quality shoes. From the initial concept of military boots Dr.Klaus about earlier, they developed the basic idea of ​​the creation of comfortable shoes but also have a practical, durable, and classic design.Shoe designs are then marketed it turns out they liked.Trend wear this shoe continues to grow.

In 60 to 70-an increasingly diverse user Marters aka Doc from various circles. Group ofmods, glam, punks, ska, nu-metal, grunge, britpop and the other his. Everyone likes towear those shoes. And incredibly, the trend of wearing these shoes last until decades afterward.And like never stops innovating, Doc Martens shoes now look more eye catching withexciting collections such as shoes with candy color suitable for use as our teensIn fashion world not a few of the celebrities or models wearing Doc Mart.


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