Dr. Martens

Jul 29, 2011

The origin of Doc Martens boots or Doc Mart that we already know is from a veteranwho suffered leg injuries in 1945 named Dr.Klaus Martens. In his garage in Munich,Germany, He designed his military boots to make it more comfortable for everyday wear. His leg injuries because they are of course his military boots in less control.

To design his boot, Dr. Klaus helped by Griggs family from Northampton, England, whowas already famous for making good quality shoes. From the initial concept of military boots Dr.Klaus about earlier, they developed the basic idea of ​​the creation of comfortable shoes but also have a practical, durable, and classic design.Shoe designs are then marketed it turns out they liked.Trend wear this shoe continues to grow.

In 60 to 70-an increasingly diverse user Marters aka Doc from various circles. Group ofmods, glam, punks, ska, nu-metal, grunge, britpop and the other his. Everyone likes towear those shoes. And incredibly, the trend of wearing these shoes last until decades afterward.And like never stops innovating, Doc Martens shoes now look more eye catching withexciting collections such as shoes with candy color suitable for use as our teensIn fashion world not a few of the celebrities or models wearing Doc Mart.


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