Pixie Hair for Teenage Girls

Jun 21, 2011

These short haircuts are perfect for those with small facial features and can actually be quite versatile when it comes to the hair styles that can be created from the cut. With the use of different products the individual is able to curl the hair, create small waves or even sweep the hair to one side with the use of bangs and parting methods.

Pixie haircuts are especially popular for teens that are seeking something new, a different kind of hairstyle. The haircut can be easily created to compliment the unique features of the teen and there are various lengths which can be treated with various colors to change the look of the hair.
These haircuts are popular, but it is important to take into account the time that it would take to grow the hair after the style has been changed. The in-between stages from a pixie haircut to short and medium length hair can leave you limited when it comes to certain styles.  

Emma Watson

This short pixie cut is cut in uniform layers to sit flat on the head showing off the wispy edges wich soften the over-all style. This is best suited for those with fine to medium hair and need regural trims every 4-6 to maintant shape and style.


Rihanna her short haircut heat styled in defined, stacked curls. The longer bangs add an edgy, modern touch to this pixie length style.

Katie Holmes

Simple and easy the force and taken the world by strom.

Ashlee Simpson

Trend of everyone getting a blonde pixie haircut.

Frankie from The Saturdays

Beautiful styles showing that long hair doesn't equal sexy.
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