Geek Chic Style

Sep 17, 2011

Are you a real geek? Are you proud of being a geekette? You can be cute (or sexy), yet embrace your geekyness by dressing in Geek Chick Style.
Geek chic refers to the embracing of stereotypically unpopular "geek" characteristics such as glasses, comic books, and computer/video games.

  1. Get some cute, yet stylish eyeglasses, whether you need them or not (there are non-prescription glasses, you know). This step is optional. Make sure it fits your face, and makes you look attractive. They are the foundation of the geek chic look. Choose one that you like. This will help you look geekier.
  2. Borrow from the "stereotypical geek image", except with style. The image is which is based on lack of fashion sense or an overtly studious or square, bookish appearance, hence the so-called "Poindexter" look. Instead of going straight for the "Poindexter" look, jazz it up. Make it look more fashionable, yet still have its geeky roots. Example: If you like skinny jeans, wear them with a fitted top that has computer jokes on it or an blouse/polo shirt with a tie.
  3. You can mix geek chic with other styles as well. Preppy, Goth, Urban, Hippie, indie, boho, etc. Be creative and an individual. No one likes a copycat. Make sure your outfit is not too trendy either.
  4. Try wearing fitted clothes that have to do with inside jokes from cult classic movies or books, video game, comic book, or anime characters, or try something sci-fi or Computer RelatedBe an individual and wear what no one else does. Just make sure it fits you and makes you look good.
  5. Mix classy & professional with casualCute blouse/polo shirts and ties with designs on them, Jeans, blouses with argyle vests, pleated skirts, etc. Experiment. You can layer t-shirts over polo shirts, long sleeve shirts, or blouses as well. Another option is to buy clothes that you would see in an office (ex. blouse), and pair it with an article of clothing you wouldn't see in an office (jeans). Everyone fits a different style. Make sure that you don't look too professional; you want to look casually professional or bookish.
  6. You don't actually have to splash out and buy a whole new wardrobeYou can mix up and customize the clothes you already have. The argyle sweater and blouse combo works. You can also go for the busy look, simply cram in as many colors, prints, and fabrics as you can. Just make sure at has a geeky touch to it: For example, wearing a Super Mario necklace with a T-shirt.
  7. If you're wearing a skirt, it helps to wear some that are knee length or shorter (not too short)A-line, pleated, or pencil skirts work very well with the look. It can be of any fabric (denim, khaki, etc.). 
  8. Knee high tights add a touch of style to a skirtGet them in different colors and make sure it matches, not clashes.
  9. Accessorize, it can be homemade or store bought. It can match the theme of your outfit. Maybe a star wars light saber clipped on your jeans? A super Mario watch? Get creative! Leggings add a simple touch of style. Suspenders can be worn (see below). Any type of jewelry is okay (gold, silver, plastic, hoops, bangles, and necklaces) as long as it matches with your face, size, and outfit. 
  10. Do not have a complicated or too trendy hair style if you want to look (even more) geekierYou can have it well done, but nothing super fancy. Curly hair or straight hair (or even braided/cornrowed hair) is acceptable as long as it looks neat. You can wear matching hair clips, hair bands, etc. in your hair to match your outfit.
  11. Just because you're a geek, it doesn't mean you don't wear makeupIf you want, you can just go for the plain look and not wear any makeup at all, but makeup is fine. Stick to a plain palette, don't go too wild. You can stick to the "The au-naturel" look. A little creativity and style is fine, you can have fun with makeup, as long as it isn't something you would wear to carnival. Use a little blush. If you're working, try subtle lipstick. If you're using glasses, eyeliner is a great idea.
  12. If you have an electronic device (ipod, notebook, cell phone,), make sure to accessorize, customize or decorate it to make it look stylishGo nuts! You don't have to decorate it with stickers; it could be a simple touch of just buying a cute carrying case.
  13. ShoesIt doesn't matter really. Sneakers work really well with the geek chic look, especially Converses. Boots and heels with or without knee highs can work. Anything goes (as long as the heels aren't EXTREMELY high. It doesn't look geek chic anymore when you try that).
  14. (Optional) Add one bike messenger bag in a bold, attractive color combinationSling jauntily across chest and you are ready to go public! 
  15. Jeans, make sure your jeans arnet tight , but make sure they go with your shoes , to give you that geek look. 
Things You'll Need

  • Geekyness
  • Glasses (optional)
  • Cool T-shirts
  • Sense of creativity and style.

  • If you aren't truly a geek at heart, it's risky trying to become one. You might end up becoming a dolt. True Adorable Geekdom is only attainable by naturals.
  • Stay away from Suspenders, if you don't know what you're doing. It can turn you from geek chic to "geeky fashion victim".
  • This style is recommended only if you are college-age or younger, preferably, or in a profession receptive to such eccentricities. Geek chic fashion has become widespread to girls ranging all the way back to pre-teen age. Considering that more mature male geeks tend to dress and act more conservatively, geek chic is closely associated with "young" and you run the risk of either attracting the wrong types of men or not being taken seriously by the right types. Remember, true geekiness is not a fashion, it's a state of mind.

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